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I wander, try to jump from highest peaks in the world (Last jump was 160 M), take keen interest in Defence and Strategy discussions.

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Toony's Wings
To you and your wing, A song I always sing
My Pretty Little Bird
A pretty little bird, unknown of her quest,
Laughing, chirping, playing, unknown of the rest,
Singing her melodies, in her own dream world,
The mighty tale of the kings, Was only what she heard.

Princess of her father, apple of mother’s eyes,
Grown up, with wits like a king, never ever she cries.
The little fairy so beautiful, even demons use to adore,
Happened to be the fighter, whom nothing can tore.

Yet the fate was waiting, to end all the laughs,
But king wanted to see, her daughter taking off.
The doom fell soon, and the princess could not flee,
The hidden quest for wings, was only she could see.

The bird remembered the tales, her father used to tell,
The words so inspiring, never ever she fell.
Keeping the words in heart, she passed all the test,
As she had promised, she will touch the sky at best.

The pretty little bird, has found the wings at last,
Thinking, only if she could have, done it a little fast,
She brings all the happiness, wherever she goes,
The cost of these smiles, I tell you, only she knows.

While that pretty little bird, scales all the sky,
See the smiling King, in the feathers she spans to fly.
A thousand tales are there, up a hundred mile, 
And none beats the beauty, of watching her smile.

And none beats the beauty..Of watching her smile.

From the unread pages of my life's diary.
Two Girls
“You ever stepped out of this house to enjoy, and you will be done”, “It’s not your cup of tea”, “You should not do like this, “at least care what the world says”, “you should (read MUST) not talk like this, you are a disgrace to this family, this society”. And like these there are thousands of taunts hurled everyday at any random girl in our beloved society. You can say it as a girl doesn’t get puberty, unless world lets them believe it, and one fine day they are not the same innocent child they used to be. They suddenly become subjected to a set code of conducts (read MISCONDUCT).

For a girl, there are no options but to take what world has to offer. In every girl’s life, there comes a time when the so called society slaps those countless established decorum on a girl’s face, to make her rot like a caged bird. Their feathers are always admired, but no one wants them to fly. They are told (read Dictated) what to do and what not to.

My childhood has been well spent with two girls in similar situations. Girls whom the entire world, ever advised, was in how many ways she is going to fail at whatever she may be doing. Read it correct, WHATEVER she may be doing, they don’t give it a damn. In most of the cases it happens to be her own family who never steps up to support their “Griha-lakshami” but in this case, the girls had a slight convenience of having support of their family, most importantly, their father. Yet once you get out, you get to know that no one is going to protect you forever, today or tomorrow you will be told exactly the same set of taunts which every single girl hears in her life. Well enough taunting (but I don’t want to stop).

For almost every girl, their fathers are like living God, so is for these girls. A father, who never bent down, never told them what NOT to do, ever scold for hanging out, having fun. A father, whose own childhood was devoid of a father and yet with a very down to earth upbringing (so down to earth where you don’t know if anyone ever going to buy you your own bicycle), he dreamt of his girls touching the glory of the sky. A father who spent almost his entire life fulfilling dreams of his children, so that one day when he looks into the sky with his tired but satisfied eyes, he feels proud to say “those are my girls”.

But then, it’s about those two girls who made it what was impossible for her father to do at his age. No one can say it was the perfect journey or it’s a perfect destination but yes it has been worth it till now and it will worth ever after. We are at an age when things will change, life will get complex, ups and downs, but these girls I tell you, they are ready to fight, and they have fought enough. So if anything is going to change, it will only be for good, better than before every day.

The only thing to be seen from here is, whenever that down to earth father is going to witness the sky, the glory on the girls’ faces should lighten up his tired eyes.


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